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Meet the wear how care?

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Even the most beautiful gloves will not be aside for people to watch, we can use them every day: such as simple pendulum into the daily necessities, and keep us company all around the world trip, so whether leather shoes, leather accessories, leather bags, travel bags, leather gloves and so on wear out. Here are a few examples of the most common damage leather and processing method.
The stain spots
With a clean sponge with a mild soap or white wine, alcohol wipe dirt, then wipe clean with clear water, and then let the leather dry naturally. If besmirch is very stubborn, may have to use a detergent solution to deal with, but it must be carefully wipe, avoid damage to the leather surface.
High temperature and sunshine
Try not to let the leather products contact with sunlight or near any heater, otherwise will become more and more dry, leather and leather elasticity and softness will slowly disappear. SAP immediately to dry the juice wipe with clean dishcloth or sponge, if necessary, can use dishcloth with clean warm water efface juice, let leather dry naturally. Butter or oil with a clean cloth to wipe the surface of the oil, make the remaining oil slowly seep into leather, don't use water to wipe stain.

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