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How to choose the gloves asked the little knowledge of university

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(1) little knowledge of how to choose the gloves university should choose suitable size 'm phase. Too big to reach thermal effect, and make the finger mobility; Too small to make hand blood circulation suffocate suffocate, easy to cause discomfort.
(2) the cycling wear gloves in winter, should not buy leather, nylon or too thick material. Because winter leather is used hard; Nylon is too slippery, friction small, easy to slippery when cycling; Material is too thick to make finger mobility, these are not conducive to safety by bike.
(3) children hand skin tender, should choose soft cotton wool line or elastic nylon fabric gloves.
(4) the elderly poor blood circulation, especially afraid of the cold, dry skin, therefore, should choose soft fur, wool, cotton gloves.
(5) patients with sweat, winter hand skin blue, damp and consciously but palm sweating. These gloves when the choose and buy, should choose both to keep warm, and have good water imbibition of cotton gloves.
(6) with hand, foot and cracked, chapped winter bedding. By hand to scrub every day, had better choose two layers of gloves, and the inner gloves appropriate chooses thin cotton, often easy to washing.
(7) in the concrete when choosing gloves, pay attention to the "three" :
(1) whether gloves flat, whether the circle is finger, two size are consistent, about whether in pairs.
(2) whether suture tidy, distance is uniform, edge stitch if there is a jump line, snagging.
(3) to see if the fabric color, leather face if there is a hole, and cracks. If you have a baby, want to help him choose winter gloves, you can see my suggestion! Gloves should pay attention to the size of the size of choose and buy, to the child is too big, can let the child the finger joints inconvenience, don't stay warm; Is too small, can make blood circulation suffocate suffocate, hands should be according to wear to take off the convenient, suitable size is preferred. Should as far as possible for children to choose cotton wool, wool, or flexible nylon gloves, warm, and have good water imbibition, and facilitating often clean laundry.

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