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All kinds of raw materials

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 All kinds of raw materials

Sheep SkinWe mainly use imported sheep skin (Ethiopian leather) to make our gloves because it has the characteristic of fastness, softness, good hand feeling, less color shading and fine grain.

Goat SkinWe have aniline leather and sprayed leather, which fastness is better than sheep skin, also it has good elasticity. But its softness can’t reach to sheep skin.

Pig SuedeWe can use many different colors in pig suede gloves. The leather has good tenacity and softness. The price of it is much cheaper than other kind of leather. Mercerization is a special characteristic of it.


Deer SkinOur deer skin is imported from the USA. It has very good fastness and durableness. As deer has a natural instincts for fighting with each other, some of the leather have scars and horn damages.

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